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Who needs a preview trip?

Research and experience has shown that moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences. When the move is also combined with changing job and country and in some cases, also getting married to take advantage of the tax advantages; professional help is often needed. In order to allay anxiety and reduce tensions for your transferee and his family, it is often a good idea to let your employee have a preview look at the area and see for himself what opportunities lay ahead.

A capable Relocation Consultant is able to advise on suitable housing, areas to recommend (and avoid) and what the transferee should budget for his/her new home.

Schooling for the children may be an important factor for the transferee. Again the help of an experienced Relocation Consultant will help the transferee make an informed decision.

Sports, hobbies or cultural events are important to many people. Whilst finding a Sumo-wrestling club in a small Bavarian village might be a bit of a challenge, more common activities usually present lesser problems.

Road traffic regulations differ from country to country, even within the European Community. It is important that the transferee understands how these may differ from his own country.