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As your business either expands or contracts to adapt itself to market forces, you will very much like to hold on to, or attract key personnel. This might be an easy task if your main office is in a wonderful, well known location, but if your prospective transferee knows little about the geography, he/she may have inbuilt anxieties about the move.


Alternatively, you may wish to relocate a number of people from the same area. In this case, it is important to send back a positive message to cascade down  from the first candidates to those people who you may wish to relocate at a later stage.

To explain the value of such a move and how new cultural, or sporting opportunities for example will arise and how his/her lifestyle will be improved, will greatly increase the positive attitude which the transferee will either take home to his colleagues, or to his family and friends.

Beginning a new life is an exciting event for most people. If the transferee and his family are well informed and adopt a proactive approach to the move, they will almost certainly look forward to starting work, will settle in well and be less likely to want to move back to whence they came after a short period.

It may be difficult for you to build a solid relationship with your employee if he/she truly feels that he/she has been “tricked” into a move by his/her employer and all that was promised was never really delivered. The Relocation Consultant will be able to prevent misunderstandings occurring between your promises and your transferee’s expectations.