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The Relocation Consultant will make an initial introduction and provide the Transferee with a questionnaire to ascertain his/her priorities. Then the Consultant will prepare an itinerary, book the flight and transfer arrangements and notify the transferee in good time.


The transferee and his family will be met personally at the airport and transferred either to your workplace or alternatively to his/her hotel. Naturally a rental car will be organised if required, or arrangements made with your car pool department.

Once refreshed, the transferee will have a guided tour of the local area. Special note will be taken of his/her priorities as laid out in his/her transferee questionnaire and also to work commitments.  A number of typical homes available for rent will be shown to the transferee in order to give a good idea as to his/her future lifestyle. If applicable, the transferee can also expect to visit schools in the area.

The transferee will also have some private time allocated for shopping and to form his/her own opinions.

At the end of the preview trip, the transferee can be taken back to the airport if necessary and the rental or pool car returned.

By this time, the Relocation Consultant will be in a good position to narrow down the area where the transferee would most like to live and update his transferee questionnaire accordingly. This has the added advantage of saving time when the transferee finally relocates, as he/she may have work commitments and little opportunity to view many properties.