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Effective planning is a sound recipe for success in most ventures.



All prospective transferees will be given transferee and registration questionnaires. The transferee questionnaire enables the relocation consultant to provide a tailor made package to suit his/her individual requirements. The registration questionnaire enables much of the red tape involved with immigration and Town Hall registration to be made without the need for the transferee always to appear in person. Much of this information is strictly private and confidential and will be handled with the sensibility it requires.



Your company handbook may provide an outline of expenses, which will be borne by the company and those that the transferee must meet out of his/her own pocket. It may be a while since the transferee has read the company handbook. Or in the case of a new employee, he/she may be judging your company policy on that which he/she was entitled to under his previous employer. By supplying the transferee with all the information he/she needs prior to the move, the transferee will not only know what to expect from his Relocation Consultant and what to expect from his Human Resources department, but he/she will also know what his own financial commitments are.


Almost all employees like to enjoy living it up at the company’s expense. First class flights, fine hotels, great restaurants etc. whilst looking for their more permanent new home. No problem if the company is willing to pay, but needs tactful handling if the company is not so willing. The Relocation Consultant can sort out this very difficult area, before it becomes a problem.

Your transferee may be coming from overseas and may not speak German. Not a problem usually within the office environment, but this may be a huge culture shock for the transferee and his family after arrival when he/she may feel not only deaf, but dumb as well. Explaining cultural differences beforehand may diffuse problems and misunderstandings later.

Many transferees do not mentally convert their currency from dollars to euros for example, but prefer instead to compare the buying power in Germany to their homeland.  For example when looking at automobile purchase and running costs, or grocery, or insurance costs; different taxation rates, or other benefits may need to be explained to get a more accurate comparison.

Your transferee may have a spouse who enjoys her own career. He/she may require information and help in career continuance, or language classes or indeed a host of other details. The Relocation Consultant knows how important family home life is to the work performance of the transferee and how family problems can escalate if they are not dealt with properly. There may be an initial period when the transferee is separated from his family. Keeping up a good dialogue with his/her spouse and family, will help to stop small concerns from growing into unsolvable problems.