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Shipment of goods

It is normal to engage a removal company to perform the task of transporting the furniture and effects of the transferee. Many removal companies operate in co-operation with their overseas competitors. It is usual practice to engage a removal company who operates near to the final destination of the goods. This has the advantage of dealing with breakages or insurance claims with a local company and not an organisation halfway around the world, which may be disinclined to entertain further discussion.

You can expect that your Relocation Consultant will obtain competing tenders for the planned removal and will not be biased in the final decision. The final decision will be made purely on price, quality and service, as you would expect.


Once the furniture and effects have been carefully packed, it is usually assumed that nothing much can happen during shipment. In the majority of removal projects, this remains the case. However, due to the ever-increasing threat of terrorist action worldwide, many countries are becoming far more vigilant in their customs and excise routines. This means that your transferee’s possessions may be opened without his/her permission and not necessarily repacked with the care of the removal company. This can lead to damage or breakages. Obtaining financial redress from the customs authorities is to all intents and purposes impossible. For this reason, the Relocation Consultant will advise the transferee on the amount and extent of insurance cover needed.

On arrival in Germany, the transferee’s goods will have to be cleared through customs. When the transferee signs a customs declaration, a power of attorney and has been duly registered with the Town Hall, he/she can expect that the Relocation Consultant will complete these formalities on his/her behalf.

Once the goods have cleared customs they may have to be stored for a short while before the transferee can take possession of the keys to his/her new home. The Relocation Consultant will ensure that goods are safely stored until delivery.

The transferee’s new home may be in an area where access for the removal truck is limited. If this is the case, local authority special parking permits need to be applied for, to reserve the area in front of the house or apartment block. This too will be organised by the Relocation Consultant.

If in the event of damage and the inevitable insurance claim, you can expect the Relocation Consultant to advise the transferee on the best course of action and help him/her file the claim and follow up as necessary.