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Finding a new home

By now, the transferee will have a fairly accurate opinion as to the type and location of his/her new home. A home search will begin as soon as he/she is ready and will be scheduled to be compatible to his/her work commitments.


You should expect that the Relocation Consultant be not biased, affiliated to any Realtor, nor organisation deriving profit or gain from the eventual chosen property.

Once a suitable home has been found, the Relocation Consultant will liaise between the transferee and the real estate agent or owner, as necessary to help in the drafting of the rental contract. After the contract has been prepared, the Relocation Consultant will provide the transferee with an English translation of all of his/her contractual obligations. If it is in the best interest of the transferee, the Relocation Consultant will recommend signature.

The Relocation Consultant will provide bank transfer details to the transferee with respect to the Landlord's security deposit, the first months rent and setting up a monthly standing order.

Moving in

The Relocation Consultant will be present at the “Handover” and will write a protocol of the condition of the residence, the various utility meter readings. A photographic record of the condition will be taken and stored by the Relocation Consultant to prevent later disputes.


The Relocation Consultant will complete the de-registering Town hall formalities for the transferee from his initial residence and re-register him or her at the new address.

The Relocation Consultant will organise utility connection for water, gas and electricity as necessary.

The Relocation Consultant will provide the transferee with information with respect to telephone connections and Internet service providers. Once the transferee decides on which option he/she requires, the consultant will contact the various suppliers and organise the service plus installation as necessary.

The Relocation Consultant will provide the transferee with television options and help with the registration formalities and organise installation if required.

The Relocation Consultant will provide the transferee with a list of nearby hospitals; English speaking dentists, doctors and gynaecologists in his/her home neighbourhood and place of work.